This is a demonstration of a used 48″ belt-driven (instead of a hydrostatic transmission) walk-behind Ferris mower. The owner got a great price on a low-usage machine.

As you can see, a used mower takes a little more mechanical know-how.

Keep in mind, your new mower will be used very soon, and forever after that. If you want to be in a business that depends on a piece of heavy equipment, you must adopt the mindset that you can and will take care of most of the maintenance and repairs yourself.

Why? Because you don’t have time for your mower to be in the shop when it needs to be making you money.

It’s a much smarter situation if you can spend 30 min working on it and have it back up running on the job than the hours or days you’d have to leave it at a shop. Time is money in this business.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, the only affordable option is to have a close buddy who loves to tinker with your mower if you pay for the parts, feed him, and toss him a few bucks. The him could be a her, so don’t rule out your mechanically inclined women friends.

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Here is a video of a used walk-behind model in action:

It’s still available for sale as far as I can tell.

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