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Our mission is to bring you commercial Ferris mowers, parts and accessories for your lawn care business at reasonable prices.

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Ferris mowers are designed and manufactured by Ferris Industries. They make 3 lines of mowers: zero-turn radius riding mowers including one model that uses propane as fuel, a three-wheeled riding model, and walk-behind models. Here is a video of the new Ferris Evolution in action.

If you have back pain or want to prevent pain and feeling beat up by the end of your day, the Evolution is your answer.

Please stop by and visit this site to read our latest blog posts and to see our latest available Ferris mowers, parts and accessories. We are currently using eBay’s program listings, but we are looking for more affiliates to hook you up with local providers along with online resources.

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Trying to find prices for Ferris mowers can be challenging. I’ve looked at several sites that say they are affiliates for Ferris mowers and carry Ferris mowers, but when I searched their sites there were no results.

The only place I’ve found online that is easy to use to get prices is eBay. eBay carries a pretty good selection of new and used Ferris lawn mowers and the prices are very broad, so it pays to compare models, benefits and condition of used mowers to their closest new models. eBay also carries new and demo models, but not all the time.

To find a local dealer go to the Ferris Industries website and click on “dealer locator”. Fill out the form and someone will get in contact with you. Once you find some local dealers I would call at least two or go in and visit to get pricing and information. Then get online and see what eBay has to offer.

I also published an article on How to Buy a Used Zero Turn Radius Commercial Lawn Mower. I hope you’ll click the link and read over it before you spend your very hard-earned cash.

Here are the direct eBay listings of Ferris mowers and their prices:

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